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Professional video editing software download Ashampoo Movie Studio Links


Key Features software Ashampoo Movie Studio:
Cutting and pasting the video files.
Convert video files to different formats.
The ability to add effects to video file and having dozens of various effects.
Ability to add music to videos.
Ability to add subtitles, text, film and television.
Adjustable speed, amount of light, color and so on.
It can also extract image files.
Burn works on all types of optical discs.
Supported input formats such as * .263, * .264, * .ASF, * .ASX, * .AVI, H261, * .H263, * .H264, * .M1V, * .M2T, * .M2V, *. MP2V, * .MPA, * .MPE, * .MPEG, * .MPEGTS, * .MPG, * .MPV2, * .VC1, .WEBM, * .WMV, * .WMX, * .WTV, * .WXV.
Output formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG.
Supports various versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8 and 8.1.
And …
For files that have been downloaded several times before and after putting on the Desktop 2 software download is tested by the resulting files are completely healthy, but in some cases, of users as they download the file to stop temp are doing so that the files are in trouble after downloading and extracting files from the software Winrar CRC warnings are facing. But do not worry, because the files are compressed so that they are able to recover. For this purpose, just a faulty file using Winrar software to run the Repair option to repair the zip file below

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