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Download Games Call of Duty Black Ops for XBOX360-Direct Links


Data Release Date:  09/11/2010

Platform Requirements: XBOX360

Game Type: Action

Type: DVD Perfect

Picture: (ISO (XGD2

Language: ENG

FW:  iXtreme LT + v3.0

File Size: 6.67 GB

Game Review:

For a few years with the release of different versions of the series game company Activision Call of Duty able to play this game as a very popular and very profitable for their turns. This series of games after the original Modern Warfare , besides being a very large jump in the action genre – a person who creates, views, and brought with it new. Unlike the series, Modern Warfare Black Ops Game Story The story narrates the near future, this time in the lower part of the story on the game the way it was dealt with. Black Ops players to take after World War II and the Cold War. Story by Mr. David Samuel Gvyr (David Samuel Goyer) who has extensive experience writing and directing is written. Unlike most action games – one of the game’s story is much richer and more interesting question, and makes the game much better.


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