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Assassins Creed Unity – Gold Edition Pc Game – Direct Links

About the game:
Without doubt one of the most popular franchises in the world of Assassin’s Creed games are games of this series. Surely each one of you as you experience the game of the series. Assassin’s Creed game series ever experienced gamers to past historical periods and events that have happened. Assassins Creed Unity represents the period of the French king and his wife due to excessive binge and Pleasure themselves, others had lost control of the country interests and welfare of their own, only to. It was at this time that the first spark of revolution in this country was the cause of the transformation of state and government of the country. The main character was originally named Arno Dorian figure Austria – French. Arno was eight years old in 1776 when her father loses Vhshnak event later determined that his father was murdered by a group of enemies. He is seeking revenge and anger from childhood mood killers finally in 1789 the sect members are able to have the power to reduce the ruthless government corruption and a little bit of her father’s revenge for the beam It was disappointing not to have been killed.

Data Release Date: 11/10/2014
Required Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: ENG
File size: 37.4 GB 


====Direct Links (1GB PARTS)====

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6 || Part-7

Part-8 || Part-9 || Part-10 || Part-11 || Part-12 || Part-13 || Part-14

Part- 15 || Part-16 || Part-17 || Part-18 || Part-19 || Part-20 || Part-21

Part-22 || Part-23 || Part-24 || Part-25 || Part-26 || Part-27 || Part-28 

Part-29 || Part-30 || Part-31 || Part-32 || Part-33 || Part-34 || Part-35

Part-36 || Part-37 || Part-38 


Rar password :

    include all DLC ???

  • SM

    kindly include the link of day 1 patch from ubisoft….


    part 28 to 38 very low speed// plz do something


    this is not gold edition,,,, gold edition is 41.5gb

    • SM

      after unpack the size will be 40.8gb….n i got upto 2.5-3mbps speed from this links… what’s your speed that u r getting?

      • JAYESH

        watch skidrowcrack ,, it have 2 links 1- 37gb, and 2-40gb
        and i have 4mbps plan and this link download speed is 120 to 150 kbps
        1 to 27 parts speed is best but after 27 parts speed is very low,, help me

        • SM

          in 4mbps internet plan you will get upto 512kbps (max) dl speed…

          n how can i help you bro? I am not even the admin or uploader of this page..just a user like you… and have downloaded all the parts with 2mbps dl speed more or less with 16mbps leaseline broadband

          • JAYESH

            hi, i have problem the game language is not english

          • Aditya Candra

            Yeahh.. How to change the game language?

          • JAYESH

            crack fix of English language ,


    this is reloaded 37gb


    plz do something download speed is very low.


    top2download server is very slow

  • Jansen K George

    what are the pc specs for this game?
    could you please tell me that?


    link are dead please live link

  • Assassin Call

    Plez upload assassin creed unity Blackbox game full version bro

  • Amit

    The link is not working